Integrated customer login portal

Using web technologies to improve the customer experience for one of the world’s largest corporate housing companies.

Having a powerful CRM is key to running a large business, but what if customers want to access their data at any time and in any place? This is precisely what Portland Brown's customers required. With this brief we got to work on proposing a login portal to make this possible.

Prior to a wireframing process we worked closely with them - and their customers - to understand and establish the key data that would be needed, and the different levels of access required for various users. We then produced a series of screens to demonstrate how best to showcase the data in a way that was both logical and informative.

Technical challenges

There were numerous technical challenges to overcome to ensure optimum performance when thousands of reservations were being loaded on a page, and how to access data within sub-accounts. Our team of programmers swiftly resolved these issues in a way that was both time efficient and cost sensitive.

Since building the platform we have developed a close ongoing relationship with Portland Brown. We continue to work with them to extend its functionality, to allow users to make reservation enquiries and view any pending enquiries they have made. This has enabled the streamlining of the client’s operational resources and resulted in a higher quality customer experience.

We delivered

  • Data visualisation
  • User interface design
  • Custom CRM integration
  • Bespoke platform development using the Symfony framework

Web Application Development

Digital Consultancy