Bespoke software solution

Building a platform to disrupt the general insurance market of the Channel Islands

We were given the challenge of helping to establish Ross Gower as the first insurance provider in the Channel Islands to offer instant quotes and cover for car and home insurance online.

We were only too happy to accept, excited not only by the challenge of such an ambitious project, but also by the complexities of having to satisfy the requirements of the local Financial Services Commissions and law enforcement.

We built a complete cloud-based broker management system from scratch, allowing them to manage insurance policies quickly and efficiently. With built in document generation and a ratings engine, insurance premiums could be calculated immediately and consistently, and policy documents generated and emailed instantly at the time of issue.

After nearly a decade, we’re proud to be considered Ross Gower's digital department, and can confidently claim to be insurance experts ourselves!

Tripling the market share of Ross Gower by applying eCommerce principles to provide an unrivaled customer experience when purchasing car and home insurance.

Since our initial build we have helped Ross Gower stay ahead of the curve, including regularly improving the customer experience, providing additional revenue streams, integrating cloud based accounting software, and support their geographical expansion to cover Jersey and the Isle of Man. We consistently need to satisfy the changing needs of regulators and provide digital marketing to reach their new customers.

We delivered

  • Digital consultancy
  • Web App Development
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • UX Experience

Digital Consultancy

Web Application Development