Bespoke workshop management software

A modern workshop management system for a traditional craft manufacturer

Our longstanding client The Somerset Willow Company decided to look at how web based technology could be used to make them more efficient. The product manufacturing process was identified as lacking data. It appeared to take too long to produce each of their products, which inhibited performance reviews, and meant that they could not accurately gauge the true cost of production.

Creating a data driven product manufacturing process

We produced an easy to use system that allowed staff to scan in and out of each product build using barcodes, which is pre-programmed with a preferred build time and unacceptable build time for each product. We also created a live dashboard to show when product builds are being undertaken, where colour coded statuses are used to indicate when a product build is taking too long, and incorporated a quality review process.

Resulting data is then stored and compared against weighted averages providing a dashboard for each staff member and product so that management can review performances and work out the cost of manufacture.

We delivered

  • Bespoke workshop management software
  • Custom job board dashboard
  • On-going digital consultacy
  • Barcode driven perfomance system
  • Interface design

Web Application Development

Digital Consultancy

Enterprise eCommerce



Product Quality Rating


Staff Productivity

We could not recommend this company more highly. Double Brace is a wonderful team specialising in digital solutions and bespoke designed websites. They have an honest approach with a breadth of knowledge regarding everything online and digital.